Goals, Ambitions and Dreams

I don’t know about you but there are some days where I think, “Man, I could be doing something with my time that is more productive than sitting here playing CS:GO.” Prior to getting my master’s degree in Information Security and Assurance (a.k.a. Cybersecurity), I loved to write. While I wrote daily during my bachelors degree, it was fluffy writing. My master’s degree kicked my ass. I haven’t been able to write anything without flashbacks to writing tombs of technical details and theorem. OK — that’s a tad hyperbolic — I did write a whitepaper last year on Hyperconverged Solutions for my place of work and I churn out opinion pieces on Facebook almost daily (which are short, to the point and fluffy).

What I want to do here with Definitely Alive is to have a place to write about subjects I find interesting, small technical things I happen to run across and document some aspects of the goings on of the world. I am also challenging myself to post 300 posts this year. No, this isn’t Sparta. This is Definitely Alive — my small corner of the Internet where I am going to try to re-spark that love of writing I long for.

300 posts, 365 days. I should probably set myself a reminder to write a post every day, however impossible that may seem.Although, sometimes I am driving home and think about things I could write about while I am decompressing. I hope this becomes an extension of my daily decompression.

So, feel free to reach out to me. My LinkedIn and Twitter are links at the bottom of the page, which I use quite frequently. Oh, in case you were wondering, I hit 600 hours in CS:GO today. That’s got to be healthy, right? RIGHT?