What Am I Listening To? (Late Edition)

I listen to an obscene amount of music every week. Whenever I’m not in meetings or calls at work, I’ve usually got a soundtrack powering my every move. I’ve always wanted an outlet for what I am listening to these days, so I think I am going to try and do weekly posts about what I, Jacob Geiser, am listening to these days.

Since this is the maiden voyage, I thought I’d shed some light on the things I have been digging all year so far, plus a look at what is fresh today! Also, I maintain seasonal playlists on Apple Music, so feel free to follow me on there as well! (Links! Apple Music Profile, Summer 2019, Spring 2019)

First off, can we talk about Igor? Tyler, The Creator‘s latest album has spoken to me on a level I haven’t heard since Worlds. Worlds is, to this day, one of my all-time favorite albums. Igor will enter that list by the end of the summer. Each track on the album has legs, which is something you can’t say about many albums these days. It works as a whole extremely well but is able to have listened to piecemeal and retain its potency. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, I highly recommend checking it out here!

The same night that Igor dropped, /r/hiphopheads had recommended that everyone give the new self-titled Injury Reserve album a chance. It did not disappoint. While Igor could very well end up being my AOTY, Injury Reserve might just have my favorite single of the year in Jailbreak The Tesla or Three Man Weave. You can hear that here!

Billie Eilish, someone who wasn’t on my radar in any capacity (despite playing the Flog Gnaw festival, among others last year) and was pushed heavily on Apple Music. WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Is fantastic. It’s worth a few listens. The distortions that some of the tracks play with gives the album a unique, dark and textured flair that I can’t say many artists are achieving these days. Its popularity could be attributed to the state of society in 2019. It’s a timely piece of work that I think people should give a chance. Album here!

Polaris, an artist from the Great White North (a.k.a. Canada) signed to Hospital Records this past year and put out an EP called Uncharted. It’s only four tracks from the up and comer but each track oozes with flair and melodies that powered my spring. It’s 22 minutes of good, solid drum and bass, a genre that I wish more people would give a chance. Check it out here!

Now, as for what is fresh on the Summer 2019 playlist, this past week I’ve added quite a bit to it.

Camo and Krooked has a new single out called Loa. It’s quite good and is their debut back on Hospital Records. (One of these day’s I’ll write about my love 10-year love affair with Hospital Records…) Listen here!

Etherwood, another Hospital Records artist has a new EP out today called Lost In The Right Direction. I stayed up specifically so I could listen to it right away, as the tracks on the Hospital Records podcast have been solid. Listen here!

Did you know Oliver Tree has put out new music this year? I didn’t until his video for Miracle Man popped up in my YouTube recommendations. You can hear Miracle Man here and F*ck here. I like both for various reasons — the beats on F*ck are fantastic and Miracle Man just has this really pleasing breakdown-hook leading back into each verse.

Finally, to wrap up things up is the new EP from Dog Blood, called Turn Off The Lights. This is the first music from Skrillex in quite some time, as he and Boys Noize collaborate on this EP. Each song is fantastic and their styles complement each other quite well. Listen here!

Here are all the tracks that I’ve added to the playlist that I think are worth a listen:

Lost Lately – San Holo
San releases his long-teased single and there is much rejoicing throughout the land.

See the Sky (Feat. Thomas Oliver) – Etherwood
Driving Out – Etherwood
Clouds (feat. Phoebe Freya) – Etherwood
My three favorite tracks off Etherwood’s latest EP.

Time – Free Nationals, Mac Miller and Kali Uchis
I love Kali’s voice. I love Mac’s flow (god rest his soul). Free National’s beats are funky and complement the vocals. Hearing Mac’s voice in new music still kind of makes me teary eyed.

Let You Know (feat. London Grammar) – Flume
I wondered what would come after Hi This Is Flume and we have our answer. It’s a great track!

Stars Tonight – Zeds Dead and Droeloe
I would have never pegged these two as people who would collaborate and it’s fantastic.

I, uh, usually want to get these out on Friday. This is the Last Week Tonight edition or something….

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