(second sky. )

Did you get to watch Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Festival on Twitch? Maybe you had the pleasure of attending. (Lucky you!) Well, I did and let me tell you… I wish I could have seen Madeon on the stream because it would have bolstered an already packed lineup. And those that are going on Day 2 (which isn’t streamed) got Skrillex in G Jones’ slot. Start that debate in the comments because day 2 isn’t being streamed and G Jones won (second sky) as far as I’m concerned.

That first paragraph doesn’t make a lot of sense but it’s the output of my mind after reflecting on the almost six hours of music I consumed. Let me explain. Porter Robinson, an artist who I hold in very high regard, launched his very own festival. It was supposed to have the same line up for two days: Virtual Self, Nina Las Vegas, Wednesday Campanella, Anamanaguchi, Chrome Speaks, Kero Kero Bonito, G Jones, Cashmere Cat, Madeon, and Porter Robinson. The second day was put together after the demand for Day 1 tickets, but G jones had a schedule conflict so a “mystery guest” was to play. It turns out, that guest was none other than DJ Potaro.

If I had a way to get there for the festival, I would have been there. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I thought that I would end up having to wait for people to record sets and post them online like I had waited for and consumed for many of the Virtual Self sets, a replay of WORLDS and the Shelter tour. Then, one day out of the blue it was confirmed that the fest would be streamed on Twitch. This made me ecstatic because I would be able to relive the Worlds set that I had seen back in 2014. That is, without a doubt, my favorite concert I’ve ever been to. The only sets that were not on stream are Virtual Self, Cashmere Cat, and Madeon. Would I have liked to see them? Yes, but I can’t be mad!

Being able to relive Worlds was great. I had many memories of the live set and being able to see many of the visuals again on a bigger stage was a trip down memory lane. Was it a great set? You bet. Was it amazing to see Madeon come out and finish the night with Shelter? Yep. Was it the definitive Worlds set? Absolutely! Polygon Dust and She Heals Everything being added in? Simply amazing. Was it the set of the night? Nope.

The buzz around the G Jones set has been massive and I can’t agree more. I started listening to G Jones when I found out that he would be part of the Virtual Self tour last year. When Virtual Self played at The Armory in Minneapolis, G Jones didn’t play. I was actually kind of disappointed because he could have replaced the opener and it would have probably been just as epic as seeing Worlds. Alas, that didn’t happen and we were treated to an amazing set by Mat Zo.

When G Jones took the stage, the entire stream went black and white. That was an adjustment but it added an aesthetic to the set that really made you focus more on the music than the visuals — something I actually enjoyed in retrospect. The Ineffable Truth is a fantastic album. The arrangement and samples that were played as part of G Jones’ set amplified everything good about the album and mixed in a way that had me bumping along to the set as if I was there. G. Jones’ energy on stage was infectious. Unlike other DJs in the line up that hid behind a big LED board, G Jones’ only visuals were on the big LED board behind him. On stage was just him, rocking out the entire time to his music and two tables of gear. I can’t wait for him to release the new tracks he played because there is one, in particular, that got me extremely excited for what is coming next from him.

If you can find the set, seek it out and listen to it. If it happens to be on YouTube and you can see the set, do that. G Jones is primed to be one of the next big breakout EDM stars and it more Aphex Twin than Skrillex.

I had never heard of Nina Las Vegas or Wednesday Campanella going into the stream but they were both great! Anamanaguchi live was exactly how I would expect one of their concerts to go, but debuting new music at the festival was great to hear. USA, an album they have been working on for what seems like an eternity, sounds like it’s going to be a banger. Lorum Ipsum (or whatever they are going to call that track) was so good! Meesh making a surprise appearance was fun to see as well. I hope FRUG gets to play at another big venue! Kero Kero Bonito was the one act I was really excited to see, as I’ve been enjoying them and wishing they would make their way to Minneapolis. I wasn’t in to Chrome Sparks, but I know someone who would so I  have to see if they’ve ever partaken in their music.

At the end of it all, after Porter’s second encore and he said “Bye!” there was a graphic that said there would be a (second sky) next year. Maybe with some careful planning and budgeting, since Daft Punk is never going to tour again, I can get tickets to this and be live for whatever Porter is gearing towards for next year!

See you next year, (second sky)!

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