Weight loss is hard: Part 1

(This is going to be an ongoing series where I rant about weight loss.)

Around Christmas I hit 300 lbs. This wasn’t surprising. I knew that I’d stopped trying to lose weight despite knowing the impact on my health. My labs hadn’t been that bad the last time they had been ran and my blood pressure and pulse weren’t outside norms.

A week after Christmas, I had a physical because I hadn’t had a real one since turning 30. I also wanted to make sure I was healthy enough for a vasectomy. I was. However when I got my labs back I’d breached the normal numbers for everything. They weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be but they weren’t great.

So, I decided to start watching what I ate. While I watched my wife she’d weight on Keto, I started counting calories. So far, without a gym regiment, I am down about 20 lbs. I feel better already. I decided once my vasectomy healed I would join a gym and start working out.

On Monday, I officially began the gym.

On Tuesday, I got up and went for day two.

This morning, my entire body hurt. My arms and legs were sore. My neck kinda hurt. I could feel like I did work.

Tomorrow, I am going to go do cardio.

Right now my plan is to go three times during the work week and once on the weekend. Weekdays I’m getting up at 5 to be at the gym at 5:30 to work out for an hour-ish. I think I’m going to do that on the weekend too.

So far, this has left me with more questions than answers and I don’t know where a good place to get answers.

  • When do I add weights?
  • Is swimming considered a full body work out?
  • Do I add calories even though I am trying to lose weight? (I’m eating 1800 calories and all day as my pains we away I was hungry.)
  • When should I add a day?

I hope in time I find answers to this.

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